Turnbull view

The Art on Campus Initiative aims to increase visibility for the College of Fine Arts by  showcasing and promoting artsworks produced by its faculty, alumni, graduate and undergraduate students among the university community, through temporary exhibitions at a variety of locations across campus. Current exhibition locations include the Office of the and Provost, Dean of Graduate Studies, Turnbull Conference Center and Honors, Scholars and Fellows House.

In an effort to highlight, promote and feature some of the artists who are displaying art through the Art on Campus Initiative, we will be interviewing artists to gain a deeper insight into their work, or background and their thoughts and reflections about the FSU artist’s experience. Featured artist interviews are meant to foster an environment of synergy and creative exchange between artists and the arts administration and art historian perspective.

Art on Campus is an initiative originally developed and implemented by Lilian Garcia-Roig, Professor within the Department of Art and Chair of the Art on Campus Initiative and Dr. Alicia Viera, Departments of Art Education & Arts Administration at the College of Fine Arts. Other contributors include Dr. Kristie Moore, Arts Administration and K. Alison Schaeffler-Murphy, alumna of the Departments of Art Education and Art History.

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