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Birch Melt (NH) by Lilian Garcia-Roig

Birch Melt (NH)

Lilian Garcia-Roig
Birch Melt (NH), 2006 Oil on Canvas
36″ x 48″


“Cuban-born painter Lilian Garcia-Roig uses a traditional process called en plein-air painting (say ‘plain air’), in which the artist works on-site and directly experiences nature. Painting outdoors and taking advantage of natural light became an increasingly popular approach by the mid-19th century among European landscape painters such as the impressionists. 

However, Garcia-Roig moves beyond the representation of conservative landscapes as subjects with a modern approach to plein-air painting. As opposed to other landscape artists, she doesn’t intend to capture a specific moment in time, much like a photograph would be able to document. She aims to record the changes of light, colors and forms throughout an extended period of time. Garcia-Roig engages the viewer both from a distance and up close with the familiar tree forms of her dense landscapes. However, she also breaks down the images with gestural paint marks creating a thick texture that gives them an abstract appearance. 

How is Garcia-Roig’s approach to landscape painting different from that of Mark Messersmith’s?”

–Interpretive text by Alicia Viera

This work is currently on display in the Offices of the FSU President and Provost (Westcott Building #211).


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