Jill Easton


Afloat (2012), mixed media on Yuppo, 19″x19″.

Artist Statement

I ended up forming myself in the southeast, where kudzuu takes over the mossy landscape. I went to grad school at The Art Institute of Chicago, to only return back to the southern comforts of the strange. I make things with my hands every day, curious and hungry to see what will come out next. My affinity is for textures and patterns, sometimes trying to create connections that would never be.

I am an artist and lover of curiosities. I am a nester who compiles lovely things to inspire me and my family. I live in a yellow cottage in North florida with my husband, son, and three wild cats. I spend my days with my husband and son, walks and fantastic escapes to handmade places. I dedicate myself fill time to world of craft, traveling to markets, and selling at stores. I hope to share what I have learned about making the handmade world support my family.

Afloat is currently on display in the Westcott Offices of the President and Provost