Po-Chi Chu

Sportfan #1 (2012), mixed media painting, 22″ x 45″.

As a recent immigrant, my work is the product of straddling two different worlds. It results from a continuous curiosity in the current events of this new land, and the unsettling, haunted past of the old. I employ the collection of things that presently surround me: stories, news media, people, and places. Partial images from various personal experiences merge into new visual memories; coming to life in my work. It is my journey of rebirth. I use different media and processes from both the West and the East to create the artwork. The piece utilizes various paintings media, drawings, stencils, Laser cutting materials and stamps as separate elements that have one underlying theme. When pieced together, the specific elements bridge my past and present life. This is one of a new series of paintings.”

-Po-Chi Chu